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mom daughter business partners. oil roller, room spray, diffuser, essential oils, natural products, aromatherapy

Meet Flora

Located in Mission, British Columbia, we are a Ronnie-Jo + Veronica, a mom + daughter duo who are passionate about naturally healing your body, mind and home.


Seeing family members and ourselves be failed by the pharmaceutical world.. we were determined to show everyone the power of plants and how we were meant to heal.


All of our blends start with a purpose. We extensively research the best oils to use for that ailment, test different formulas and create custom blends you won’t find elsewhere! By maximizing oil percentages, we ensure the efficacy of each blend is always at its strongest--so less is more--and they smell amazing!


We pride ourselves on our commitment to be free of all artificial fragrances, toxins, and chemicals.

(Yes, this includes our candles!)


Every decision we make has a purpose. In honor of my late Auntie Michelle; our logo is her favorite flower, our color is that of the leukemia cancer ribbon, and our labels are signed as her cards once were.


Made with love 🧡

Thank you for reading our story. We hope you enjoy our passion.

Veronica + Ronnie-Jo

We are Flora Home & Body Co.

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